Hack a Chat



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NOTE: This is not ‘hacking’, it’s just a possible way to gain main owner.

Lever: HARD

This guide will explain the easiest way to hack a chat! (IN 3 STEPS!)

1. Go to the chat you want to hack( I will explain with xat.com/Ojoc )

2. Finding the chat ID

This is really easy and all you need is internet explorer,firefox,google chrome or anything that can show page sources. (I will explain with google chrome)

Once on the chat you want to hack press Ctrl+u and it will show you a page with code on it.

Search the page(CTRL+F) for id=  . Then you will find the chat Id, copy and paste the ID into this:


The id for xat.com/ojoc is 45880297, so it would look like…


3.Finding the password

Once you have done that add this to the end of the link &pw= soo…


Then you can either guess the password (it has exactely 10 numbers in it)

or you can use a program like brute force to hack the numbers for the pass!

Lets say Xat.com/ojoc password is 1286385563 soo…


Hope I helped with your hacking :D

Use at your own risk (Xat Moderator will not and cannot be blamed for a hacking of a chat).


54 Responses to “Hack a Chat”

  1. How would I find the password using bute force? D: =D

  2. who would want to hack anay bodys chat

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  4. hi friends!
    help me get dhe pass this chat group xat.com/webalbania.


  5. Can someone give me the password for [REMOVED] and [REMOVED]

  6. whats that?

  7. how do u find the chat id? cus i cant find it everyone time i enter something with the id it says not found where on the page would i find the chat id after doing control u?

    • when you get the page source press control+F then in the find box type in id= then keep hitting next until you get id= then some numbers. i relize this answer is late but for anyone who needed help with that hoped i helped ya.

  8. can someone give me the password for [REMOVED] ??

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  11. I need some passwords to some chats


    help plz

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  14. it doesnt seem to work for me. is there any other way? or is there a way i can get this to work?

  15. Please help me hack this chat [REMOVED] and I will give you a reward

  16. where is the chat id

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  23. Can someone please give me the password for [REMOVED]

  24. whereabouts on the page do u find the id when u have pressed ctrl u?

    • type in id= and keep hitting next until after the id= you see a bunch of numbers. yw hope to see you on chat soon sometime *wink*

  25. as I see the password, or as the seer?

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  32. Jesus Christ there is a lot of spammy comments on this site. Have you at any time thought about attempting to eliminate them or putting in a plugin?

  33. Anyone wanna help me hack this chat: [REMOVED] I just want the password, if that’s doable. ❤

  34. Wooooooooow Thanks for da info

  35. thanks ur parents for having you

  36. Heres a better idea, Say that somone reseted their chatbox pasword or are keeping thwe reset password. its starts with XT-[CHAT ID NUBER HERE] Then boom click edit chatbo and yo uhave main, reset email/Password.

  37. How can I get a password for a chat easy with out downloading programs or guessing

  38. Whenever I put in the ID where it’s supposed to go, it says “not founf”

  39. dont work i pressed ctrl+f on page after clicking ctrl+c that worked… but F didnt

  40. hello can you hack REMOVED and tell me the password?

  41. I have a.. xat chat , in the ” wepsite ” description..
    and .. i want hack this chat because… it is .. a chat from a old friend.. , ( I HATE HIM )
    😀 so if.. anybody know a program to hack xat chat.,, please! tell me .

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